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Continuing the previous one. Hope I don’t double link =) it’s so many. The screenshots that comes with the zip sure full of lolis @@;;  sleeveless garment. JS
Need the correct body to show correctly. (Aka small chested body) 4 colors, pink, white, blue, black with 3dcg text.

2. T-shirts for jackets

3. JS shirts


Yet another clothes for loli..

4. 【上服,下服,全服,その他】ビキニアーマー1&2&3&4今更ですがウェイト修正版

outer, inner garment, bikini armor. The bikini is placed in the outer garment, not in the bikini area.. and one is in the skirt area.

Only works with big breast me thinks.. works fine with the original body (not mod).

5. 【上服】タンクトップ

Tank top dres


edit: link dead probably due to the uploader  updated a new version thus the older one got deleted i think it’s this one [DLKey] 【上服】XPC03900タンクトップ修正版

6 . 【上服,下服,セット】キスマークのついたビキニ水着

[under outer garment, set.] Swimwear bikini set with a kiss mark

7. Gakuran integrated (final version)

8. 【上服,全服,Hアイテム】洗脳カプセル、SFボディスーツ、赤セーラー服

[H item] brainwashing capsule (?), SF bodysuit, red sailor

9. [outer & under garment]

N400 barely wear anything XD

10. Snake top (3761 is the fix)

11. ancient greek 6 colors n400

12. (partially transparent version of 3656.. i dont know the link)


Thong swimsuit nipple according to the pregnant woman. but yeah those ()() are huge..

14. Double sailor clothes

15. Sailor clothes for H & Gym clothes

16. Short turtleneck

Didnt come with snapshot I think its this..? @@

17. Starmine seifuku

18. XPC03441 NJXA Modified without permission

the download broken, too bad the snapshots were good :/

19. XPC08365 copyright kyogoku child work clothes


Not sure why the 2nd picture doesn’t work for me.


VIPER GTS (need big boobs like the pic below ) 🙂

continuing on next post. too much pic becomes laggy : O

Body system


[Body, All clothes]all sexy clothes NJXA2nd ~> ttp://

pass = custom (Size around 111MB) .

Underwear, Swimsuit etc

*edit* site is down for some reason so no link works. I’ll upload it myself if i have the time.

I’m only going to post the sexy ones aka swimsuits, underwear panties bra, and sexy clothings in this post.

1. Bathing Costume ->

2. Underwear bura panty
3. BDSM dress costumes
4. Underwear bridal costume 1
5. Panties clothes 1 ~ 5
7. Bikini
8 . Cute panties
1o. Underwear – 3 kinds of pants outfit

T-shirt, pants, dresses set

grab here.

taken from :

just translated it so you don’t have to be confused or translate it one by one ( I know, I got too much time.)

Mods Pack1

link by aorf of /df/ devil tatoo
Visible on the body option shown below.