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Just links I found and update them with pictures because most of the links on the pages I found don’t have any preview image so I’m just a pervert with too much time on her hand, uploading the pic with the right link for your pleasure.Sometimes the download isn’t in rar format so I had to screenshot it myself.

Also translated a bit of the link so you don’t have to go and google translate it or check one by one which is which- especially the good mods. Most link are from: http://dangel.tistory.com and duh custom uploader.. thingy.

(Actually I’m also doing this so  I can keep track of which link I have downloaded 😀 )

I also do every links from the uploader with screenshot from the zip, sometimes they doesn’t work. So my purpose here is just to serve you the download link + the picture, so you know which one you like or which one’s bad..

  • ~ Frequent problems ~

If you are having trouble with the mods, like the program won’t open on startup, it means you have to change your .tah files with alphabets. Put them in arcs folder. Don’t forget to backup the original folder. Also, you better name them according the xpc files _ description of what it is, so you know what to delete.

2. Items doesn’t show up

Sometimes they’re placed in a wrong thumbnail, so it doesn’t appear in the list.. for example you downloaded bra C, it supposed to show bra C in your item list, but then it doesn’t. Sometimes it’s placed in Bra B thumbnail, in the options area below. If you have them in your item list, but even after clicking the options, either you must use the correct body, or just.. delete that tah file lolol.

3. Clothes overlapping

Sometimes when it overlaps, it’s because the clothes are only designed for a certain body mod. Usually I put a description for which body you have to use, but sometimes I don’t…. if i dont find any solution that is.

4. Body looks broken

Try using different eye mods (not the official ones) , just pray it works. But if it still doesn’t, either you request me to find the correct ones or.. just don’t use it at all haha. Depends though sometimes the modder deleted the correct version due to some problems, so iduno how to deal with that kind of problems, but usually I’ll let you know if i find anything in a new post.

5. Some mods aren’t editable in bone section

Usually they’re the tails or the ears.. I guess those mods are only good for photoshoot or, something.


if you want to thank me then uh.. I guess you can donate some bucks to my paypal. Even $1 would be okay, but really I don’t mind if you don’t want to lol.


    • Myhr
    • November 25th, 2012

    How do i download from cdn/3dcgmods?!?
    I don’t get this with the DLKeys and everything!
    Please help the noob ;c

      • admin L
      • November 26th, 2012

      whaaat? D= thought it was easy you just put ‘custom’ in the password dude…..

    • Naku-Chan
    • September 11th, 2013

    random question I wondered where I could get the full version of 3d custom girl exactly? I thought you might know a place where I can safely download for free.

      • Lim Seul
      • September 15th, 2013

      forgot where i found mine but i googled it and got it, im sure u can do it too. think i got mine from hongfire forum

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