NJXA3rd body + NJXA 3.1 update

*edit* June 19, 2014 — fixed broken link.

wellp, it’s something for the loli lovers,

i personally think its one of a  very good mod, if you dont like loli you can modificate it still but no big boobs (if you like it)

D O W N L O A D  ~~   H E R E  ~~

Look for the description involving NJXA3 for example:
NJXA3用 ミコトクラスタ衣装セット

.NET Framework 2.0 Above to install or it won’t even show in your game.

It comes with hairs too but need TAHhair to make new colors (which is included) ,

idk why the 2nd hair in the pic above is not included or probably its an older mod but the miku one is included. all basic color is black.

also comes with a few clothes (cuz no other clothes can probably fit this NJXA bodies, hair accesories , shoe, etc.


It’s in the 408 uploader. NJXA3,1本体セット includes the eye part, it’s the complete zip. If you want the eyes only download the NJXA3,1_瞳.

    • dark
    • October 21st, 2012

    in need this mod

    • Marilyn
    • November 19th, 2012

    Hi, awesome collection you got here! keep up the good work, sire, can we get better instructions? I can’t figure out the whole maketah thing, I mean -I can’t get it to work, i create the .tah files but pasting ’em in the arcs folder seems to not be enough, please help me!

      • admin T
      • November 19th, 2012

      thanks for the comment. but im not a sire =)
      oh sure. uhm..
      have you changed the japanese name? name it to something englishy like NJXA3rd_part1.tah or if you know japanese name them according to the type.
      because most of the case, your game will not start with japanese named tah files.
      if it still doesn’t work, you need to have toonshader 2 installed before you extract the zip. 🙂
      hope it helps

        • Marilyn
        • November 19th, 2012

        By toonshader 2, you mean… glsl toonshader? I can’t find it… Can I have a mediafire link with it, please? T.T and.. can you please give me.. .”Slow instructions”? T_T I mean.. I really dont’ want to bother you, but… I don’t get the whole “Maketah.exe” thing :C i was used to.. pasting stuff in the arcs folder T_T

    • Marilyn
    • November 19th, 2012

    Oh… Thankyou, kind… lady? owoU!? Anyway u.u, really, this is… very very confusin. Oh.. I don’t think the japanese names are a problem, because I use 7z (w/applocale) to get well writted names (: my arc folder is full of .tah files with japanese names! , anyway…

    The problem itself is… I see trasparent bodies :C… toonshader? I’ll try that! gonna coment after that, and.. thank you very much, really! you replied really fast x3 I though you didn’t pay attention to comments at all, hehe. Anyway, thankyou again and excuse me for my badly broken english (: I’ll try toonshader2 ❤ I'll come and tell you how it went nOn

    • Marilyn
    • November 19th, 2012

    u_u I’m being annoying, I know. -But, really.. can I please get slow instructions about using the MakeTah.exe and,,, a link to download that toonshader thing? >.< Please? kind… you know, sire/lady owo?

      • admin L
      • November 20th, 2012

      er.. you just press the thing? if all the files are processed correctly and it resulted in .tah files, it means you’re doing it correctly.
      mm okay ill explain in my next post ill try to do it quickly, but if im not busy… sorry for late reply =)

    • Marilyn
    • November 20th, 2012

    Meh, its okay c:! thanks anyway, I kinda found out about the toonshader 2 thing, admin T said “install”, I though it was some sort of software.. but it was .tah file x_xU, anyway u.u I didn’t test the mod just yet, I’ll test it later -But, yeah please, put some better explanation, also I know its really complicate to get the hair colors to work in NJXA3, can you explain that too, please? u.u thanks anyway n.n

      • admin L
      • November 20th, 2012

      she meant by install is that the toonshader .tah file is put into the arcs folder xD not really install as like .exe ..
      I did put some explanation, have you seen it? i’m not sure if it’ll help..
      but ill ask her to post about the hair thing soon xD

    • Koko
    • May 19th, 2013

    Hello! 😀
    Well… Ehm… When I load 3dcg with Njxa (?) I see transparent bodies,why?
    But when I put the toonshader2 in the folder in the game the njxa not appear…….. (Sorry for my bad englis lol)
    Please help me çAç

    • kokoishere
    • May 19th, 2013

    Why I see transparent bodies with njxa3?

      • Lim Seul
      • June 13th, 2013

      it’s because you havent installed .NETframeworks 2.0 or above, it was my case with transparent bodies. rename file to english if u havent.

    • snaeb
    • July 19th, 2013

    I accidentally that first sentence! “…to *find the mod”

    • WebGamer60o
    • August 17th, 2013

    how the fk can I instal it…. its like random files from random places in 1 folder and I don’t understand a thing folder in folder n stuff WHERE DO I PUT IT? nothing works when I put folders or TAH files in arcs, help????

    • Nima
    • November 14th, 2013

    Why does the link send me to fake sites? like “free ipad” bullshit

      • Lim Seul
      • November 15th, 2013

      Sorry about that. Cashfly scammed me so I had to delete all my links. I will update asap..

    • kris
    • December 17th, 2013

    Bro, i’ve downloaded the file and it works perfectly after i followed ur instructions. thing is , could u share me a link to a mod that give change to the system so that player can change body height etc etc (like that slider thingy) i saw the other day when i look at snapshots of mods u shared. this mod isn’t perfect without loli body i guess.. thanks before bro.

      • Lim Seul
      • December 17th, 2013

      Didn’t I replied already??
      I really don’t get what you’re saying, I’m completely lost and dumbfounded.
      This IS a loli body, you need to download the first 3rd body before the 3.1, because its somewhat like a patch. The slider thing is official feature of the game, it isn’t a mod. Its all included in the official client game

    • liclac
    • December 6th, 2014

    hi.. I really thank you for this mod. This is like what I’ve been looking for until now. But I have a question.

    1. I am using Win 7 x64
    2. I have installed Framework 2.0 and above (it is 4.0)

    I copy the .tah to the mod directory and read the instruction, but why i cannot see the body? I can only see the eyes and hair, and some part of the back part of the head.

    please help me.

    Thank you very much.

      • Lim Seul
      • December 10th, 2014

      Do you have toonshader 2.0 or anything similar to that? If not, it will not show up.

        • Liclac
        • December 10th, 2014

        thank you very much. It solved. The problem was the toonshader.. Thank you for sharing. By the way I’m looking for the school swimsuit for NJXA like in the picture above. But it seems that I don’t find it.


  1. This body mode has not apear in game
    I can select njxa3 body mode but it not apear on her
    It shows only her eyes and mouth…….(it looks very weired….)
    what is my problem??? this mode require any install program?
    I made tah file and I put in arc folder, that’s all
    plz solve my problem T.T

      • Lim Seul
      • January 25th, 2015

      everytime people asked me the same question, and my answer will always be the same..
      have you installed toonshader 2.0 or above?
      and after i asked it, everyone’s problem solved. so well, i hope its the same case with you.

      • yeah I already solve the problem so I write reply about that but my reply was deleted. B)
        I have another question r u korean??

        • Lim Seul
        • January 25th, 2015

        the reply seems to not appeared here.

        and i am half chinese korean. though, why?

    • BobTheFish
    • February 9th, 2015

    When I apply the NJXA body, the model’s eyes/eyelids become distorted.
    (please see attached image)

    Everything else works fine, though.

    What do you suppose I have (or haven’t) done to cause this?

    Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Also, thanks a lot for the packs!

      • Lim Seul
      • February 10th, 2015

      did you put another body for NJXA 3 eyes? it doesnt work like that..eventhough it’s the same njxa bodies, it has to be njxa3 body.
      or perhaps there is eyes files for different njxa versions, and you used the ‘eyes’ for njxa 3..
      i can only see it as a problem. not sure what you did to it though?

        • BobTheFish
        • February 10th, 2015

        I cleaned out my arc folder and reinserted the NJXA 3.1 body and eye files. The result was the same.


        It feels like I’m missing something. Or perhaps another tah file is conflicting with the NJXA body model. I’ll continue experimenting and see what happens.

        Thanks for trying to help me. ^_^

        • Lim Seul
        • February 11th, 2015

        Uhm yeah I am not sure of why it would act like that because I have the exact same files with the link I put here and the eyes were looking fine.maybe try renaming it to english file and update toonshader 2? or is it possible you are wearing some hard saves for the clothes? otherwise i am out of ideas, lastly maybe try deleting it again. extract the files freshly and reinsert again.

    • BobTheFish
    • February 11th, 2015

    I tried every method including a full reinstall, but the end result was still the same. Perhaps the problem is hardware related. Oh well, aside from the face everything works fine. I wasn’t desperately seeking a solution, I just wanted to see if one could be found. Thanks again.

  2. NJXA 3 파일을 devianart에서 받은 것 같은데 이 파일을 어디다가 넣어야 되는지를 모르겠네요…;; arcs 폴더에 넣어두기는 했는데 안뜨는 것 같고… 애초에 뭐가 NJXA인지도 잘 모르겠고요…

    I think I have downloaded NJXA 3 files on devianart but I don’t know where I have to put in NJXA files… I’ve put them in arcs folder but I can’t find NJXA mods in 3DCG. Before than, I don’t know how to find NJXA mods…

      • Lim Seul
      • July 12th, 2015

      have you read my tutorial for it entirely?
      you will need all the files extracted correctly,
      and you will need several more things to have like .net framework 2.0 above, toonshader2.tah , newest directX etc and i guess I have said everything you need in my post…

    • ASDS
    • November 4th, 2015

    download link broken 😦

      • Lim Seul
      • November 5th, 2015

      it isnt broken, i just checked it.

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