The search for the foxes & ears. || DLKEY IS ALWAYS ‘CUSTOM’

Today I’m looking for those damn rare fox ears.. or…. anything fox / fur related lmao.[DLKey] 【髪,その他】狐-MOD

Fox mod.!

Only comes with one color sadly it’s the orange and you need to put the original hairs, there’s the color option in there to match with the ears.[DLKey] 【セット】トキメキファンタジーの9本尻尾ある狐_要新テク20090522版

comes with a save file. u put that in the documents for tdcg.[DLKey] 【アイテム】 【セット】新テク20090522版 N765ふさふさセット 3.2 追加パーツ(椛耳カテゴリ追加)

momiji ears (??)

dis ones doesn’t work in my game.. idk why.[DLKey] 【アイテム】【耳】【尻尾】きつね&いぬ※再UP (dog & fox) re-up

the better color from the first link I gave you.[DLKey] 【アイテム】【耳】【目】ストパン耳&ねこ目2※再UP (cat eyes) re-up (pic shown above. comes with a lot of colors).

also comes with a lot of cat ears type.




    • cglo
    • September 1st, 2012

    how to download dlsite? is there any password post here? help me

      • admin
      • September 2nd, 2012

      hm? i assume you don’t read my other post. insert DLkey >>> custom

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