How to install NJXA3rd body || DLKEY IS ALWAYS ‘CUSTOM’

In case you’re having a problem installing this body.

I am being generous and will explain with pictures.

Arent you grateful =p

1. I’m sure you can all download it correctly.

2. Make sure you have .NetFramework2 above installed too. This one works.

3. Extract

4. It will have something like this right? Then just double click the MakeTah

5. Then it will have a process bar, and will slowly add .tah files into the folder one by one.

6. After complete it’ll look like this.

7. If in previous cases you didn’t rename the tah file into something english-y and it crash, it means you need to rename every .tah files here into english too. But I set my locale to japanese so I don’t have to rename it all.. which is annoying. But here’s the translation to make things easy.

8. Drag all into your usual arcs folder. And it should do it..

Somehow if the skin doesn’t appear correctly, maybe you need toonshader 2. I’m not sure because after I installed net framework it works correctly.. I think the link is this one, forgot from where I got mine..

link:[DLKey] toonshader2(20120517)

Hope it helps @_@

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    • Marilyn
    • November 21st, 2012

    FUCK YESS!! *//* I’m very gratefull, this is so nice<3 thankyou very much nOn I didn't need it though, I got it to work before reading this, but really -Much apreciated, i know everyone else who comes here will be happy of reading this :3 thankyou very much for the pictures too<3

    • CLANK
    • December 25th, 2012

    oh here it is
    its good to have toonshder2 link

    but what’s the dlkey anyway?

    • 3dcgFan
    • December 25th, 2012

    I can’t find a download to the Njxa Body D: Only the njxa2nd Body :/ But theres no MakeTah thing :c

    • Ken
    • March 16th, 2013

    do you have「njxa1」?

      • Lim Seul
      • March 19th, 2013

      no sorry if i happen to find one ill post right up, thanks!

      • Lim Seul
      • March 22nd, 2013

      hi i have found it, sorta. with cusjiru face . refer kindly to the new blog, the download is there. thanks

        • Ken
        • March 22nd, 2013

        okay thank you very much :)

  1. how the fuck do u get the DLkey

      • Lim Seul
      • June 26th, 2013

      cause i read, unlike some people. unless you’re asking what’s the DLkey which is clearly in the comment section and had been asked million of times before.

    • Wisky
    • July 31st, 2013

    admin T :
    check my other post. 707 uploader thing is in the right side of the monitor.

    COULD YOU PLEASE POST THE DOWNLOAD LINK FOR THE BOTH FILES? i didnt download anything tell me the instruction and what to download i know the instruction but no need for pictures but i need the download files D: please help.

      • Lim Seul
      • August 8th, 2013

      the download link is there, try looking please….

    • indira
    • July 13th, 2014

    help, the texture body not see in my custom girl, my girl looks like a ghost, what do I do?

      • Lim Seul
      • July 14th, 2014

      have you read the FAQs yet.

        • indira
        • July 16th, 2014

        I read the faqs but I did not give me any solution, look the link, is a imagen example of my custom girl bodiless

        • indira
        • July 16th, 2014

        I tried download and install toon shader 2 but i don’t understand, in google searches toonshader2 is few, in youtube there not are video for to downloading or installation

        • indira
        • July 16th, 2014

        hey, what if I instead of putting ”NJXA3_body.tah” I put ”body.tah”

        • indira
        • July 16th, 2014

        can you give me a link of toonshader2 please? :(

        • Lim Seul
        • July 19th, 2014

        you have to install net framework 2.0 or above before installing it. and rename it to english name.
        download from here

        add h in front of it

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